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Why Should You Hire Me??

In a market overly saturated with new or poor photographers, it's becoming more apparent every day that I have to stand out from the crowd. So, what makes me different, and why should you hire me for your wedding?

For my experience, efficiency, and energy.

Experience – You want someone who is prepared to get great images no matter what happens on your wedding day, right? Weather, family drama, transportation issues, and just plain running late are common wedding occurrences. After photographing over 400 weddings, I can professionally handle whatever is thrown at me, and still produce quality images. Do I have crazy stories? You bet I do. But I have not yet had an unhappy client. I am straight-forward with everything and am pretty easy to work with (if I don't say so myself!), and keeping a good relationship with my clients is my number one priority, and the reason that a large portion of my business comes from referrals.

Efficiency – During the family formals, I work quickly and systematically to get all the breakdowns. I already have a list of your family members and requested photos from our discussions before the wedding, so all you and your bride/groom need to do is relax and enjoy the day. It's my job to herd the cats. I want you and your guests to enjoy the wedding, and I will work hard to get you guys back to the celebration so I can document the fun, the family, the emotions, and the dance moves.

Crissy with all her gear and Metallica shirtEnergy – I have the ability to get young kids to look like they enjoyed the photo taking process… and let's be honest, that is not always the case! That goes for the adults too (especially the grooms!). I will crack jokes and make a fool of myself to get authentic smiles. I can not stand those uptight photographers who count to three before every press of the shutter and suck the life out of the subjects. At any given wedding I'll find myself talking superheroes with the groom, calming down a frantic mother of the bride, keeping divorced parents away from each other during the family session, and joking with a bunch of drunken groomsman without being offended. I keep a calm and upbeat demeanor and am down for (almost) anything. If it rains or snows, you can bet that I'll be asking you to go outside for that awesome shot! One thing that has stuck with me came from a meeting with one of my clients a few years ago – "Six of my friends got married this year, and not one of them liked their wedding photos." Don't let that be you. Whether you hire me or not, do your research, meet the photographers, see the images and albums, and make a decision on who fits your style. Happy Planning!

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My Photography Timeline

Crissy photographing a couple at a golf club in NJ

Photography has always been part of my life. I took my first landscapes on disk film when I was five years old on a trip to Colorado and fell in love with being able to capture those sights and memories onto something tangible. I still have those prints and film disks today!

In high school, I always had a camera, and I literally tiled the walls of my room with thousands of 4x6 snapshots of my friends, pets, and basically everything that happened. In my senior year the local mall opened a national chain portrait studio retail store. I worked there for a few years as assistant manager and photographer, and this is where I fine tuned my rapport with children. I wore the rainbow hat with the spinner on top and photographed hundreds of children in the front window of the Exton Picture People.

In 2000, I graduated from high school in West Chester, and began attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, with the intention of getting a photography degree. After the "foundation" freshman year at UArts, I decided that maybe a photo degree wouldn't be as economically useful, and declared my major for graphic design. While learning Photoshop, hand lettering, and web design, I continued taking photography and printmaking classes. In 2002, I left my mall job and started working at a local photography studio as a Photographer's Assistant. I immediately loved the wedding atmosphere, and quickly moved to a Second Photographer position, which I did for about 2-3 years before becoming the main photographer at each event.

After I graduated college in 2004, I just couldn't enjoy myself in the corporate design environment, so I went full force into photography. I started working full time at the photography studio that I was still shooting weddings for, as the Director of Digital Imaging. I ran their digital media department during the film to digital crossover and I imported, edited, and proofed over a thousand weddings from a team of photographers. I continued to shoot about 30-40 weddings per year for them for about 9 years, until I started getting more and more requests to do it on my own!

In 2011, I officially incorporated and opened Crissy Everhart Photography, and I am happier now with my  career than I ever was before. I have the most amazing clients who continue to hire me to document their growing families, and I am honored to do so! 

Since 2002, I have photographed over 400 weddings – indoor, outdoor, big, small, budget, luxury, local, destination, Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian, Protestant, Quaker, Hindu, Filipino, mixed-religions and ethnicities, non-denominational, and same-sex weddings. I love them all, and seek to document the emotions, connections, and the families that make each one unique. This truly is what I love to do, and I am thankful every day that I get to do it.

Photo by Sarah Quiara - silly family photo So, what about me, without the camera?

  • Sarcasm is my second language, and I love to make people laugh!
  • I love traveling and getting out in nature, and my family and I are driving across the country this summer and visiting the National Parks in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. 
  • I have a huge flower and vegetable garden and fresh grown veggies are like no other.
  • Sunflowers and honey bees are my favorites.
  • I thrive on hard rock music and Hamilton.
  • I fiercely believe in equality for all humans, preserving our planet, and saving our wildlife and animals. 
  • I don't drink coffee and I rarely have soda, but I am addicted to Peach Snapple.
  • I'm a typography nerd– I love laying out text– and I am a total font snob, which is why my site is all Gill Sans. I am also a grammar nerd, and the oxford comma is our friend.
  • I have a messy desk but my computer files are meticulously arranged, and obsessively backed up. 
  • My dad is the chief engraver for the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, and he sculpted a coin of a photo I took of my husband holding my son. Not only is my son the only living human on U.S. Currency, but the medal won an International Award for "Most Inspiring Coin" at the 2017 World Money Fair.
  • I have been married since 2004 and have two adorable boys who crack me up every day. 
  • I have two dogs, a boxer pit bull mix named Ruby, and a little dachshund terrier mix SPCA-rescue named Marley. We also have eight chickens and two rabbits! My house and my heart are full.  :-)

Bees pollenate together on a yellow sunflower Fuzzy Chicken Legs - Honey - 14 Days Old

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