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Once the photos are taken, they aren't just copied from the camera and delivered. Images will be retouched in Photoshop before purchasing, although they are not all retouched for proofing. Images are corrected for color, background issues are resolved, and any blemishes, dry skin, boo boos, bruises, boogies, or scratches will be removed.

Here are a few examples of the minor adjustments that greatly increase the image quality:

Newborn Photo RetouchingNewborn Editing - Before and After

Newborns often have blotchy, patchy skin, and their little fingernails easily scratch their delicate faces.

Retouching for Newborn PhotographyBefore and After Newborn Editing Photos

Retouching on Newborn ImagesNewborn Portrait Retouching - Before and After

Toddlers are the boogie makers, especially during allergy season! A good expression shouldn't be ruined by a little snot; I can fix that!

Headshots are retouched to reduce facial shine, whiten teeth and eyes, smooth skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles, tame flyaway hairs, remove lint from clothing, and any other "photoshop" requests.

Malvern Headshots - RetouchingHeadshot Retouching - Before and After