Crissy Everhart Photography
Honeybee on Sunflower: Macro Photography
Pollen covered honeybee on yellow sunflower, macro
Honeybees flying to yellow and orange sunflowers
Extreme Close Up- Macro Photo of Orange Sunflower
Macro of two honeybees gathering pollen from sunflower
Macro photo of praying mantis on boxwoods
Bees Share a Yellow Sunflower, Covered in Pollen
Goldfinch atop dying flower eating sunflower seeds
Goldfinch plucking sunflower seeds from dying flower
Bees pollenate together on a yellow sunflower
Bees landing on teddy bear sunflower in summer
honeybee on pale yellow sunflower, macro
Hummingbird sees bumblebee on zinnia flower
Bumblebee on pink zinnia, gathering pollen
Chipmunk Eating Sunflower Seeds in Garden
Yellow teddy bear sunflowers against bright blue sky
Honeybees with full pollen sacs landing on sunflower
Goldfinch Perched on Sunflowers in Rain

Sunflowers & Bees

In the summers I like to garden- my family and I grow broccoli, lettuce, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and whatever else we feel like growing each year. I love filling it with color too, so I always add some flowers. Sunflowers and zinnias are my favorite because they attract so many honeybees, and I really love honeybees! I often see something gorgeous and run inside to grab my camera and macro lens, or I will sit outside and wait for something to come. In a garden full of pollen, you don't have to wait long. Here are a few of my favorite photos of bees, sunflowers, and a few other creatures who frequent my garden.

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