Crissy Everhart Photography
Honeybee Hive Frame Macro Photography
Honeybee on Sunflower: Macro Photography
Pollen covered honeybee on yellow sunflower, macro
Honeybees flying to yellow and orange sunflowers
Bee Bridge - Building a Queen Cell
Extreme Close Up- Macro Photo of Orange Sunflower
Macro of two honeybees gathering pollen from sunflower
Sunflowers Against Blue Sky
Macro Photo of Praying Mantis on Bush
Bees Share a Yellow Sunflower, Covered in Pollen
Goldfinch atop dying flower eating sunflower seeds
Goldfinch plucking sunflower seeds from dying flower
Bees Sipping Honey Off Other Bee's Backs
Bees pollenate together on a yellow sunflower
Bees landing on teddy bear sunflower in summer
honeybee on pale yellow sunflower, macro
Honeycomb Photos - Pollen, Brood, Larvae, and Honey
Hummingbird sees bumblebee on zinnia flower
Bumblebee on pink zinnia, gathering pollen
Honeybees in Beehive - Macro Bee Photography

Sunflowers & Bees

In the summers I like to garden- my family and I grow broccoli, lettuce, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and whatever else we feel like growing each year. I love filling it with color too, so I always add some flowers. Sunflowers and zinnias are my favorite because they attract so many pollinators, and I really love honeybees! We even started keeping beehives, which gives me great opportunities for bee photos. I often see something gorgeous and run inside to grab my camera and macro lens, or I will sit outside and wait for something to come. In a garden full of pollen, you don't have to wait long. Here are a few of my favorite photos of bees, sunflowers, and a few other creatures who frequent my garden.

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