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I fell in love with shooting weddings when I began in 2002, and after 20 years and 450+ events, I STILL love them.

I love photographing a couple at their first look and capturing the nervous happiness as they greet each other for the first time. I love goofing around with the wedding party during formals and capturing photos that reflect each couple’s unique personalities. Some people are more traditional, and some couples want quirky and fun.


My style is pretty laid back, and although I do direct subjects in posing, I keep it relaxed so we can capture natural, happy photographs and get you back to your party. I photograph a mix of traditional shots for family photos with fun, unique, and lively photos of the bridal party and couple. I love capturing the finer details of events and the excitement of the preparations beforehand. Clients describe my photos as "natural" and "relaxed" and often comment on the vibrant but true colors of my editing.

During formals, I will work quickly and efficiently to bang out those group family photos, and then we will have a more casual photo session with the wedding party. We can go to as many locations as you like - and I can often offer suggestions if you are unsure of where we can get great photos.

When a second photographer is hired, two points of view are captured, and one photographer can cover the dance floor while the other can capture seated couples and the ones who hang around the bar all night.


The reception part of a wedding usually spans four to six hours and includes cocktail hour, introductions, the first dance, toasts, parent dances, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss, and sometimes other formal or cultural dances.

I use different lenses to show wider venue shots where you see a ton of people partying, and close-up, intimate photographs of the first dance, parent dances, and toasts. Professional lighting is used to create the best images possible, and for creative effects such as backlighting or dramatic shadows.

As for coverage needed, I usually don't need to be photographing the last hour of the reception unless you have a sparkler send-off or something planned for the end of the night. Generally, all the formalities are finished by then, and it's the same people dancing who have been dancing all night. I am happy to stay until the very end, but it is not always needed, and that hour is often better used at the beginning of the wedding day. We will still sneak away for a few minutes for that end of the night portrait, it will just happen an hour before things actually end.

details & decor

Documenting the finer details of an event with my macro lens is another aspect of shooting weddings that I adore. I look forward to creating a beautiful photograph of the wedding rings, preserving the invitation, or showing off the colorful bouquets. Sometimes a detail photograph might be a different or artistic view of something normal, like a couple holding hands, or the dress hanging in the doorway. Other times it documents the room decor: the place cards, centerpieces, or anything that shows off the ambiance of your wedding.

Often I will photograph the "room shots" of your reception hall all set-up while you and your guests enjoy cocktail hour. I will photograph some wide-angle, "overall" views, as well as close-up images of your table favors, menu cards, and wedding cake. You spent a lot of money on your venue and the decorations, it's my job to make sure you can look back at your wedding day and remember the details for years to come!

If you have any special items you'd like photographed (beyond the obvious ones, like your wedding bands and shoes and all that), let me know about it and I will be sure to give it the special macro treatment. Sometimes this could be a rosary from your grandmother or a lucky penny in your shoe — or even the "something blue" you've sewn into the inside of your dress. And, always bring me a copy of your invitation to photograph.

more information

All wedding collections include high-resolution digital files. Custom-designed wedding albums are available in several sizes and styles.

Learn more about me and my love for animals and iced tea.

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I am always happy to answer any questions - FAQs.

You can view my pricing here, and if you like what you see, call or email me to schedule a time to see some albums, a full wedding or two, and go over what makes your wedding unique!

County Lines Magazine Wedding Issue Cover Photo
Magazine Spread - County Lines - Wedding Issue 2020

The April 2020 issue of County Lines Magazine features my images in their annual wedding feature, "Things are Different... the Second (or Third) Time Around."
Read the full issue here: County Lines Magazine April 2020; article begins on page 42-43.