In-Home Family Photo in Chester County - Wayne, PA
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In-Home Family Photo in Chester County - Wayne, PA

Family of four dressed in blues on their front step at their home in Wayne, PA. They have two small boys, one and three years old, and each parents is holding one of the boys. Everyone is wearing jeans and shades of blue collared shirts, except mom who wears a sweater. Everyone is smiling big, but don't be deceived, this shot wasn't easy! The boys were squirming and wiggling and going crazy, so the parents did "one... two .... three... spin!!" and would spin around real fast and then quickly stop and smile at the camera as I snapped a few images.It worked like a charm!! They boys just love to spin and can't help but laugh. This family is one of my favorite clients; I have photographed them for years now ever since their wedding, and I love watching their family grow!

Location: 690 Sugartown Rd, Malvern, PA 19355.