Backyard Micro Wedding Photography
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Backyard Micro Wedding Photography

This West Chester couple had a micro wedding with just their closest family and friends. The groom is sporting a black tuxedo onesie, and was so proud of it. The bride wore a casual flowered dress. They wanted to celebrate their way and without expensive outfits, and their personalities shine through!

The bride's daughter was the flower girl and the groom's great dane was the ring bearer. They got married on the back deck of a VRBO rental house and everyone had a great time celebrating the newlyweds. Smaller "minimonies" or mini ceremonies are becoming more popular these days as couple scale back the weddings and the number of guests.

Micro Weddings in West Chester, PA

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Groom in Tuxedo Onesie with Dog Ring Bearer

A photo of all guests in attendance, and the dog ring bearer. :-)

Location: West Chester, PA.