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Photo Studio for Rent

Malvern Portrait Studio with Private Office

$650 a month

Monthly, with six or twelve month agreement. No daily rentals.

Studio For Rent in Malvern

Office or Studio Space Rental

Please excuse the cell phone photos. Happy to meet up to show off the space and discuss details. More info below!

Studio For Rent in Malvern
Historic Sugartown Portrait Studio in Snow
Historic Sugartown's Stone Ruin in Malvern
Malvern Portrait Studio at Historic Sugartown
Tons of Props for Newborns and Sitters!
Historic Sugartown Office for Rent
Winter Historic Sugartown
Indoor and Outdoor Portrait Studio in Chester County
Malvern Photo Studio Lighting Set-Up
Newborn Baby Girl Bows and Headbands
Office for Rent in Malvern
Historic Sugartown Bank Barn
Historic Sugartown main entrance off Boot road
Malvern Photo Studio Interior
Newborn Set-Up at Studio
Office or Studio Space Rental
Historic Sugartown's Cheever Barn in the Winter
Garrett House at Historic Sugartown Quaker Construction
Client Meeting Room
Holiday and Christmas Portraits in Malvern
Historic Sugartown Portrait Studio in Malvern
Additional Parking at Studio
Historic Sugartown Portrait Studio, White Backdrop
Newborn Photographer Props
Christmas Portraits - Malvern Studio Holiday Photos

Why Am I Renting it Out?

I moved out of state last year and I only am able to be at the studio two weekends a month, but it's too perfect to give up. I am hoping to get another photographer so we can share the space, alleviating my rent as well as letting someone else benefit from a beautiful space with top notch equipment.

Not a photographer? Contact me anyway, I can offer headshots and marketing photography instead of the use of my gear.


Private Loft Office

Use of Studio and Outdoor Historic Sugartown grounds

Alarmed Building Across from the Police Station

Verizon Fios High Speed Internet

Heat, AC, and Electricity

Photo Gear & Equipment:

Lots of Backdrops - 107" white, black, and ivory. Pink, blue, several grays, a few masters, as well as floor drops and pop up drops.

Complete newborn photography set-up with TONS of blankets and a few dozen outfits and swaddles. Large beanbag, PVC stand for blankets, and more.

Two Profoto B1s with extra battery

One Profoto B10 (Comes with me when I shoot weddings or on location sessions)

Two Profoto A1s

Two Profoto Transmitters for Canon Cameras (if you shoot Nikon you'd need to buy your own)

Lightstands, umbrellas, modifiers, tripod and almost two decades of compiled studio and photo gear

Posing stools and chairs

Personal & Professional Requirements:

Absolutely zero tolerance for racism or bigotry

Must be a legal business with insurance

Have a website with quality work and similar pricing (if you are a photographer)

You are bound to the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions of my lease with Historic Sugartown. It is a historic property so we have to keep it looking great!

There are two photographers currently in the space, myself and Amanda Cox Photography. A shared google calendar will be used to organize studio/shoot times, but office is available to you 24/7.