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Studio Pet Portraits in Malvern, PA
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In Home Newborn Photos with Dog
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Newborn and Family Photos with Pets - Chester County
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family photos with your furry friends

studio & outdoor professional pet portraits in chester county

I love animals, and I enjoy incorporating my clients' pets into their photos. I will even do a photo session of JUST your furry friend if that's what you want. I've photographed tons of dogs, as well as cats, horses, rabbits, and even chickens!

You can bring your pet to my studio in Malvern, where I have plenty of open space as well as cool background textures, such as a whitewashed wood barn and a stone ruin. I have backdrop set ups which I can even bring to your house, if you prefer to do the photo shoot in your pet's own territory.

I'm happy to photograph show dogs, family pets, backyard chickens, farm animals, or even foster pets or animals up for adoption. Cell phone snapshots just don't do justice for your beautiful companions- proper lighting, professional camera equipment, and a trained photographer make all the difference between a cute pic and an heirloom photograph.

I'm willing to answer all your questions anytime. Or you can check out my session files and print pricing. Call or email me today to book your pet's photo session!

Puppy on Sofa - In Home Pet Photographer